Who Are We?

inTerractions, a division of inTerract Consulting


inTerract Consulting is a leadership consulting firm that offers comprehensive services to develop leaders, empower their teams, and create cultures where those leaders can be most successful. Our Associates demonstrate that business acumen does not have to be mutually exclusive to soft skills – influencing, motivating, managing, and leading.

About inTerractions – the personal side of success

A career is only successful if it helps to build a fulfilling life.  In this stressed-out world there’s an epidemic of corporate workers who followed all of the rules, did everything right, and yet find themselves unsatisfied with their careers and the futures they are creating.  inTerractions gives these achievers the knowledge, access, and strategies to forge their own paths to career fulfillment.  We blend inspiration and truth-telling to deliver training, coaching, and live events that equip our customers with the practical tools needed to build big careers and big lives.

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Here are a few of our clients: