Leadership Development with Heart & Soul

Don’t let the luxury accommodations fool you – The Soul of Success Retreat is no boondoggle. This experience has been intentionally designed to create the optimal environment and activities to support deeper learning and, more importantly, sustainability of new behaviors long after you leave.

Training + Coaching = A Winning Combination

While traditional training does a great job of transferring specific skills and knowledge, in practice, people have trouble applying the learning in their day-to-day lives and retaining the information as time passes. Coaching has become the gold standard for customized executive development, with an inquiry-based approach that allows for self-awareness, self-motivation, and ongoing feedback to ingrain new thinking and drive action. Unfortunately it can be very expensive, which often limits the number of professionals that get access to this valuable tool.

The Soul of Success Retreat combines these two methods into a cost-effective and powerful offering that will transform the way that you approach the work that you do and the life that you live.

How Your Business Will Benefit

Define your authentic leadership style and leverage it to become more influential in your organization and/or industry

Identify your strengths and talents and understand how to best apply them to increase your engagement level while also driving stronger results

Build a wide and strategic network that will promote your career, offer emotional support, provide access to new opportunities, and spark innovative thinking

Keep focused on your new goals with a year’s worth of The Soul of Success Group Coaching Calls

Invest in Yourself

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