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If you’ve spent a few years caught up in the rat race, you probably have realized one critical truth:


Too short to judge yourself by someone else’s definition of success.
Too short to be stuck in a funk or rut.
Too short to slave away at a job that you hate, with people you don’t even like.
Too short to keep ignoring your dreams because it’s never the “right” time.
Too short to keep putting others ahead of your own self-care.
Too short to delay working on the legacy that you want to leave on this earth.
Too short.  And getting shorter every day.

Stop waiting. Join us at the Soul of Success Retreat and you’ll finally

  • Rediscover the fierce woman inside of you that too often gets neglected. You’ll be able to tap into that power, joy, and energy to bring more happiness to your daily life.
  • Uncover your unique abilities so that you can stop wasting valuable time and focus your effort on the work and activities that you love AND will bring you the highest likelihood of success.
  • Go beyond the typical superficial networking that you find at other events. At the Soul of Success you’ll build real relationships; the kinds that you won’t have any problem reaching out when you need help changing jobs, getting your book published, or anything else on your list of goals.
  • Breathe life into the dreams that you’ve been keeping on the backburner. Been meaning to start that screenplay? Always wanted to start a business? We’ll help you determine which dreams still have meaning for you and develop an action plan to finally make them real.
  • Identify and explore the core values that are most important to you. By finding ways to better honor your values in your personal and professional life, you’ll increase the amount of fulfillment that you feel every single day.


With all of the hard work and sacrificing that you’ve done over the years, don’t you think it’s finally time to invest in yourself?

At the Soul of Success Retreat You’ll Get

  • 3 days of interactive workshops to transform your life (Value: $2195)
  • Recurring small group networking activities that create cross-functional and cross-industry alliances (Value: $50)
  • The full Soul of Success Retreat workbook with exercises to deepen your learning (Value: $149)
  • The opportunity to sign-up for a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session onsite (Value: $250)
  • 3 days, 2 night accommodations in the luxurious JW Marriott Starr Pass Resort & Spa, including gourmet meals made in their 80% “from scratch” kitchen (Value: $1024)
  • 1 year of post-retreat Group Coaching to help you sustain your learnings and build upon them (Value: $3000)


...A total value of $6668 (not even including your spa discount or the PRICELESS value of the relationships that you’ll make).

Now, here’s the real question that you have to ask yourself:

...If all this retreat did was finally give you the clarity to understand your ideal work environment and roles so that you never again find yourself struggling to decide between what your heart wants and what your head will accept...would it be worth it?
...If all this weekend did was to give you a circle of women that GET you – they understand that you can be an accomplished business leader and sometimes want to cry at your desk; that you can be a great mom but don’t want to talk about your kids all the time; that you can be a force for change in the world and still not take yourself too seriously...would it be worth it?
...If all this program did was to help you find more peace of mind...would it be worth it?
I sure hope so!

Here's The Deal...

Joy, confidence, and peace of mind should be accessible to everyone. We are offering you a spot at this year’s retreat for only $2499 for a single room or $2299 for a shared room (double).

Note:  You may share a room with 1 other person.  You can register and pay individually for your double room, however your roommate must register by September 16, 2016.  If your roommate does not register by that date, your registration will be cancelled and you’ll be given the option of re-registering at the single occupancy rate.

Spaces are limited, so click on the button to reserve your seat TODAY!  Plus, to make it even easier for you, feel free to take advantage of our 3 month payment plan. Just go to the SINGLE or DOUBLE registration page and look for the “3 payments” option.

Once you have submitted your payment information, an onscreen confirmation will appear.  Click on the green “GET INSTANT ACCESS” button to download your Welcome Packet and finish the registration process.  Lastly, check your email inbox for your sales receipt.

See You in the Sun!!!